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Anyone published a PMI article in the past and interested in coauthoring?

I am interested in authoring an article for a PMI publication, but I haven't published before. How can I find someone that has published before to work with as a mentor and co-author?
I would love to specially focus on topics of change management as it related to Project Management.
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Michael -

While I've published an article in PM Network a while ago and been referenced a few times more recently, I'd suggest contacting the editors at PMI Network itself as they would be the best equipped to support you.

As they do have thematic issues, a topic on change management would likely be targeted to an appropriate issue.


I've published 5 Articles with PMI and I am ready to co-author your article if you need to do so.

Hi Michael,

I am interested. Let me know.

My article is yet to be published, but it sounds like Rami or Deepa are willing to lend a hand :-)

Alway's happy to be of assistance. And like Sante, my article has not yet been published. But you already have plenty of experience and insights at your ready.

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