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Need your help with the Capstone Research Project

Hello, dear project managers!

My name is Grigorii Kniazev and right now I'm in the middle of Project management (PMPG) course in Humber college (Ontario, Canada). My first degree is the engineer (foundry production of ferrous and nonferrous metals) and also I have experience of working in the aerospace industry.
The Capstone Research Project is the part of my second semester which begins on February 1st. In order to accomplish this course, I need to find Project Manager who can share with me general information about a finished project.

List of requirements:
1. A project needs to be accomplished;
2.It needs to be completed within the last 5 years;
3. It must be implemented in North America;
4. Does NOT use methodology associated with LEAN or AGILE projects (only PMBOK);
5.A project manager was involved in all process groups and knowledge area.
6. Project Manager needs to be able to meet with me (Skype, phone or personal meeting), 5-6 meetings from February to April (approximately 35-45 min each).

The main task of this project is to conduct an audit of an accomplished project and calculate alignment with the PMI methodology.

If you are willing to help me, please, send a personal message.

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