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Among the many study strategies that will help you to pass the PMP exam, what is the most effecient one?

There are many study strategies that project managers can adopt to pass their PMP exams, however, which method we could say is the most efficient one?
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It all depends on how an individual best learns. What worked for me did not work for a friend of mine.
Personally, I went through Rita's book chapter by chapter meeting with my friend weekly to review what we learned and take the end of chapter quizzes. Then I did a boot camp, followed by lots of practice tests. I passed the first time. My friend who did the exact same thing did not pass it.

This really is subjective, and specific to the individual. Everyone has their favorite and most successful style of studying - whether it reading, highlighting, flashcards, diagrams, short bursts, long sessions, etc.

Moudar -

If you judge efficiency as spending the least effort & cost, then a self-study approach would likely win the prize, but I think you'd want to look for effectiveness in conjunction with efficiency.

As Dinah & Andrew have stated, there is no single approach that is universally applicable, but a number of folks have had success by following one or more of these patterns:

1. Lots of good quality practice exams
2. A comprehensive self-study guide
3. A quality prep course


I agree with the comments here.
I went through PMBOK and Rita's book, took notes, and followed by online mock exams. I repeated the same procedure at least 3-4 times before the exam.

I agree with the above.

Rita's flow chart understanding will help on answering real time questions answering.

Here's what I did
1) A Course from Udemy by Joseph Philips (Costs around $ 15 per course)
2) PMBOK (E-book)
3) Mock tests from "" ($60 for 90 day access)
4) Praizion media Youtube Videos (Free)
With all the above and 139 days of 2-3 hours preparation I was able to crack CAPM, PMP & Project+(CompTIA) in First attempt

Agree with Kiron, Andrew & Dinah

I found Ritas exam prep book very helpful and lots and lots of practice exams, these agve me a better feel for what is important on exam day

Since the question is about the general strategy, I would say:

Plan. Prepare. Practice.

First make a plan. Carefully consider the resources at your disposal. How much time can I spend every day? What is the best time to prepare for the exam? Which is the right place where I can avoid any distraction? What are the books I am going to use for my preparation? How long will it take to study them (this depends on your pace)? What are the obstacles that may come in my way of preparation? What other resources do I need? How do I acquire them? and so on...

Then start your preparation. Keep validating your progress against the plan and make necessary modifications to your plan.

And practice. There are two aspects to practice. (1) whatever we learn, we should try to apply those concepts in our job as much as possible. (2) practice for exam - take mock tests, review the areas where our performance is not up to the mark, study the subject matter again.

There is no short cut to clearing the PMP exam. Plan. Prepare. Practice.

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