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I passed my RMP exam on Thursday.

The most important points to focus on for PMI-RMP exam from my perspective are:

1- Read the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management and PMBOK5 CH11 four times.

2- Read the Exam Content Outline many times until you understand it perfectly.

3- Read Communication Management PMBOK CH10 and Stakeholders Management PMBOK CH13 two times.

4- During the reading of the materials solve questions for refreshing the knowledge.

5- Practice Standard CH1, CH2 and CH3 are important chapters to know the risk concepts.

6- ITTOs For the 13 processes in PMBOK (H10, CH11, CH13) save it in your mind with the perfect understanding of the contents.

7- Critical success factors for project risk management and the six processes
save it in your mind with the perfect understanding of the contents of the Practice Standard.

8- Control Risk process very important.

9- Save the five points of the Status Meeting in your mind, available in the last pages of the Practice Standard.

10- Appendix D very important, you have to know and understand the definitions of all tools as well as you have to know the tools of each process.

11- Role of the project manager very important in Practice Standard Ch2.

12- Lessons Learned very important, you have to know what and when to update, available in the Control process.

13- Risk Response plans very important.

14- Difference between Contingency and Management Reserves.

15- Attitude, appetite, tolerance, threshold and Attitude types very important.

16- Probability and Impact matrix.

17- Strategies for Positive and Negative risks.

18- Monte Carlo & Latin HyperCube

Mocks to practice:

1. Alaa Sultan Questions

link -

2. Simplilearn Questions (4 Mocks)

3. Word Exam from Mohd EID

4. Fahad Usmani Exam

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