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Is the PMP renewal fee still $60?

I wonder if the changes to the exam also affect the renewal fee. Does it remain at $60?
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What renewal fee is $60? I have not seen any thing for sixty.

Urban, I renewed my PMP on 25 Jan for $60 as a PMI member.

Apparently upon checking it is $60.

I had my certification renewed few months ago. It is $60 for PMI members and $150 for non-members.

Urban -

Having lived through a few PMP exam changes since 2000, I have never seen changes in PMP renewal fees tied to those.


I would not expect the two to be linked. There would also be a communication sent out in advance if such fees were to change. To satisfy your question, I'd suggest checking their site or to call their customer care line.

As far as I recall, yes, it is $60 for renewal of your certification.

Agree with the comments here, the renewal fee is still $60.

Hi Urban, yes the renewal fee is $60.

Renewal was never link to revision, to my knowledge!
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