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How do you deal with a staff resistance to the appointment of a new staff?

How do you deal with a staff resistance to the appointment of a new staff?
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This is very natural thing among human being, use Tuckman ladder
let them storm and then watch the norm, you can enhance performing by explaining the more new expertise comes to the team it will add more value to overall result, it doesn't mean that they lack but different eyes, different views will help also the load will be shared and more activities can be achieved. it helps to create index competition.

Let time pass, and as Riyadh said, they will go from storming to norming, and hopefully performing.

Samer -

I'd agree with Riyadh & Sante, but it is the responsibility of the PM to ease the new team member's onboarding with the rest of the team. This includes actions like informing the team in advance of the new team member's arrival and actively listening to any concerns they raise, introducing the team member to the rest of the team upon their arrival and having one of the other team members act as their "onboarding buddy" and helping them understand the team's ground rules, and doing some team building activities to start to break the ice.


This is a very common issue - I mostly noticed this when I used to work in the middle east. It takes time for people to accept new staff but as time passes, with the right attitude and approach from both parties, everything should be fine.

I agree with the guys, it will go from storming to norming.

The buddy system Kiron mentioned is an ever increasing popular method to ensure a smooth transition for the new employee, and the existing employees for accepting them.

Great points above!
The new comer needs to be oriented to project and team members by the PM. It takes few days to get along with the team(model above) but then starts performing. Have Check points of progress made by this new member,

Totally agree with Kiron. As PMs we should try and reduce the "storm" time as much as possible. Any new relationship starts with lack of tryst by default.
Any measure taken to build trust will show good results. Getting to know each other is the first step to build relationships and trust.

Rarely change a taken without resistance

The concept of buddy, mention by Kiron, with new comer is an excellent way to get faster integration. You need to make a good choice of the buddy.

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