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What are the main tools you use to make your work easier?

Hello everyone,

I'm interested in what physical and virtual tools project managers use to ease their work on a daily basis.

Thank you for your time!
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I use my RAID log, MS Project and my trusty notebook.

For Agile projects, I use ServiceNow Agile Module, MS Office (especially Excel to form a crude Kanban board).

Alexandra -

OneNote & MS Office.


MS Project , Excel and Outlook

I use the standard - Go to Meeting, Skype, WebEx, MS Office, Confluence, SharePoint, Excel workbooks with basic formulas to track 'stuff', JIRA, Mindmaping, OneNote, and a simple old fashion notebook.

OneNote, MS Office, WebEx, JIRA, sticky notes.

Well Alexandra, it depends on the organization you are working for how big they are how much they can spend on software for example we are using SAP but small employer can not finance or justify using it, we use video conference for meeting with head office and corporate office, for project software you can use PRIMAVERA P6, MS Project or even Excel but the GANTT chart wouldn't be nice in excel compared to other two. for communications emailing you can use Lotus note or outlook express.
I also use INTELEX to assign task to my team but I do Interactive meeting with them to ensure they got the message and discuss any requirements I have to facilitate for them to achieve the target it is also linked to SAP so once the task completed the work order get TECO-ed in SAP.
You also have many template documentation to fill to make things easy by having proven system for documenting taking all reasonable care to protect

MS Office, Project, SharePoint , and Jira

MS office, project, trello, FileMaker Pro
Some other in specific case

While we have to define what does mean "easy" (is a subjective term) the only thing that works for me is to understand the whole environment before everything start and then decide what to use or just in case there are defined tools to use into the organization how to use them.
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