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Project Management pain points

Hi All,

I am currently doing research on the impact of software tools on project management and also the gap between the current tools and problems we face day to day. Any inputs from you would be very useful. This can be for any type of project following any methodology. Also if you mention your workaround for these problems it would be a great repository of knowledge helping others.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Bharath,

I don't feel there is a bad impact, in contrary software and templates make the management easier and save time.

Sorry but let me say this. Trying to tied pain points to current problems is a manifestation of "Silver Bullet" syndrome.

Bharath -

While there are certainly opportunities for evolution of tooling capabilities beyond current state (I wrote about the potential for machine learning assisted PM as an example), the challenge is usually not with the tools themselves, but rather the context and decision making surrounding their procurement and implementation.

This includes common sins such as:

1. Pre-determination of a tool or set of tools before practices are well established
2. Insufficient engagement of stakeholders in requirements gathering
3. Imbalance between functional requirements and non-functional requirements
4. Lack of stripping down or scaling up of capabilities
5. Lack of basic standards or guidance regarding tool usage
6. Lack of internal support for tool usage

Having worked for a PPM solutions company for many years, we encountered these and many others!


You may be referring to feature gap analysis? Doing a comparison of these between apps and then visiting the blogs and review sites for these will shed light on the gaps of each and advice on improving them.

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