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What is your career path?
Many of us here are Project Managers. Do you wish to remain a Project Manager for the duration of your career, or do you plan to transition into another role? If the latter, then to what role do you want to move? Personally, I have my eye set on PMO Director or Vice President of Project Management, preferably for a multinational corporation.
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I was thinking about this the other day Eric. Both those roles you mentioned seem like great choices.
Interesting question Eric. I concur with you Sante that those roles Eric mentioned are great choices. All eyes on Eric now to be PMO Director or VP of Project Management.

Somewhere down the road for me when the time is right I would like to be a Project Portfolio Manager.
My aim is to be a Master Black Belt and set up my own consulting firm a few years down the line, when the time is right
I am also moving towards the PMO role. I am involved with setting up a PMO at my current job and hope to gain valuable knowledge and experience to continue to move up in this field.
Project management experience I believe is a very good springboard for many alternative positions.The first role which comes to my mind is a portfolio manager or a PMO Director but why not a worldwide CEO of a multinational corporation. We should have an eagle eye on how our structure must be managed because we have the know-how, the audience and the required practice to achieve our mission.
First of all, I should get suited up to become a Project Manager
Eric -

I've held a slew of different project management titles to date and as teaching is my passion, continuing to work as a PM consultant, agile coach or trainer is what I see for the foreseeable future.

My career path is something I've been thinking about, lately. How likely is it that PMs can get into leadership? Here's an older question that looks at this:

I forget where I was, but a similar question came up, and one of the responses given was that if you want to be a CEO, (if you're a PM) you're in the wrong field. You need to be in sales or marketing to be considered. The following article emphasizes this, and it also discusses PM skills that are beneficial in a leadership position.

I've been in project management for fifteen years. I don't want to be just a project manager in fifteen more. I guess I still haven't figured out exactly what I want to be when I grow up. My focus has been more on developing useful skills than acquiring titles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's wrong to want a title; that's something I probably need to pay a little more attention to in my own career. I might be in a better position to obtain a leadership position if I were better at that.
Good question, Eric.
Definitely, I would like to move to a different role when the right opportunity arrives.
Being a partner at a PM consultancy business would be amazing, perhaps in a specialised field once I make my way into the professional and find my niche of passion.

Best wishes on your adventure.
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