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Can leaders be created through an education program?

Are leaders born or made?
Can leadership qualities be developed over time through formal training, observation or coaching or it is inherited / exist in individuals which are self developed with time?
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Leasers born. Obviously as any other ability people can learn how to improve it.

Leadership is a skill which can be improved by coaching / learning as well but most successful leaders are born like Sergio mentioned those are God gifted, they have a special quality and charismatic personality undefeated, look at it like leaning to sing you can study all the musical ladder, note & half note but if you don't born with a voice you can not perform like those who have amazing vocal quality so it is an art & science.
1 reply by Amir Ali
Apr 13, 2018 2:45 PM
Amir Ali
Riadh, I agree.

I have experienced, Leadership is a personality trait. Can leadership be taught or developed, yes, just depends on the individual.

Leadership, like any skill, can be developed. However, developing a leader contains challenges not found in developing most other skills. For example, a good leader is humble, and is willing to learn from the lowliest sources. If a person refuses to be humble they will never be an effective leader, no matter how many other leadership skills they might master.

Naman -

Nearly everyone has the ability to be a leader, but it comes down to the will power to honestly understand one's leadership shortcomings and develop those. Leadership is also very situational - looking to history, you've certain leaders who excelled in war time but weren't effective once peace was restored.


Before leadership can be taught, emotional intelligence needs to be mastered. Understanding your self and then understanding others.

I agree with Stephen Burgoyne and Sergio's thoughts.

I beleive...a leader should know the slender marging between Agressive and Assertive!!!.

With the Education Program/s once awareness increases...that said, it is very useful.

This is akin to The Great Man Theory, which I don't prescribe to. Leaders are not born, they are made. Some will display more assertive or passive attributes depending on their environment, past experiences and adaptability to stress, disappointment and fear/phobia. Leadership is not inherited.

On the other side, is needed to be a leader? Not at all. Beyond that when you see what some organizations think a leader is then you understand that they are too far from the real meaning of leadership.

Leadership skills could be taught, but there are certain skills like interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, decision making, negotiations with different stakeholders, etc, are to be developed and improved by the individual.
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"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

- Berlioz



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