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Project Management Plan is all inclusive of every other Plan.....

Does anybody feel that PMBOK 6 is unnecessarily non-linear and duplicative? Why list the Project Management Plan along with Project Documentation in every Input? Most of the additional "Documentation" items delineated are already in every Project Management Plan. I believe we are not streamlining the Subject Matter for the new candidates....anyone agree?
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Looking at the material from a high-level perspective and assuming it to be a study material for the exam, the stated point is very valid.

The PMBOK, however, is a guide that can be used in day-to-day project management. One might find themselves in the middle a certain activity and may need to refresh on all the input points that need to be covered to start only that specific activity. In such cases, one would not be looking at the overall map of the PM processes - they would focus instead on the specific process.

Looking at it from this perspective, there seems to be an inherent logic in the structuring of the PMBOK.

Mr. K-
I appreciate your response. Unfortunately, i see many specifics that are just overlaps , too wordy, or incorrect.
The description of " Manage Quality" is now misleading. It describes a management of the QA PROCESS, not the Project Quality. Control Quality is actually the Management of the Quality Control department. In practice the terminology change is misleading.
In most cases, Project Management Plan includes the Documents and subsidiary plans, including schedules, that should not be listed separately.
In most cases , Enterprise Factors are not inputs-only Organizational assets.

The expanded seemingly Psychological expansion of the PM personality traits, etc is totally unnecessary and missing the major point of Project Management-Leading by Example- and not asking a staff member to perform anything the PM would not perform himself/herself.

I am concerned that the lack of rationality and logic, and failure to streamline the teachings in the PMBOK will prevent good/qualified candidates who cannot sort out the irrational ramblings within the PMBOK. Honestly, I have staff members in the Queue for the exam and I am concerned.......

Sorry but I fully disagree. In fact the new PMBOK is easy to understand than previous version. That is true in cases where you have the needed practical experience as required for certifications at least. There are not duplication. Project Management Plan and Project Documentation are not the same.

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