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Traits of a great Team Player?

Who is a great team player for you?
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Being upfront, making no excuses, keeping me in the loop, win and lose as a team, taking responsibility for ones actions & having my back.

Self-aware, self-disciplined, self-managing and willing to put the team's success ahead of his/her own agenda.


Lionel Messi, Emanuel David Ginóbili (Manu Ginobili).
Someone who is assertive and knows how to pull the resource levers around them. Good Project Managers must be able to show empathy with others. We deal with a variety of personalities every day and we must learn how to reach people and what keeps them motivated to follow your plan.

Someone who focuses more on the project at hand and its success and less on personal victories. The balance seems to be how to get recognition from those who need to know vs. getting the job done for the project or team.

Those who not loose focus on goals, and do out of box thinking to resolve challenges while moving towards set goals.

Someone who display passion, commitment, adapts quickly to changing situations, and also reliable.

A good team player is someone who considers how their actions will affect both the team's dynamics and mission and acts to benefit the team as a whole. This person also is willing to help others on the team to achieve team goals.

There are a plethora of great answers already in this thread. The only aspect I would add is initiative and ownership.

Some of the best-performing team members I have had have taken initiative to resolve issues themselves. They have not waited to be asked to do so. They have not passed the buck. They got down and got their hands dirty trying to resolve such issues.

(of course, there are times when they've gone beyond their brief and created minor kerfuffles, but the impact of such endeavours is always minimal.)

And they took ownership of the success of their deliverables. They took pride in the work they were providing. There was one instance where even the customer did not insist on the resolution of a particular non-critical issue but this team member took it upon herself to resolve it anyway.

Managing a project becomes a team activity when we have such resources.

All great responses but let me state what does NOT make a team player. Doing 'whatever it take' does not make a team player. I've been on many project where this was considered the ultimate team player trait, even to the extent where team members would be rewarded. There is a good and a bad 'whatever it takes'. If it means doing something unethical or wrong to get something done it might seem ok to the outsider, but not so much to those who have to clean up the mess after the all the balloon have popped.
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"Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious and immature."

- Tom Robbins