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What is the Mindset for PMI-ACP Exam
When preparing for the PMI-ACP exam, what mindset should you adopt?

That of a Product owner, Coach/Scrum Master or Team member?
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Hi Michael, the PMI-ACP exam is quite situational based and when I did my exam, it was centered on Coach/Scrum master. These questions were focused on how the Coach should react to certain situations i.e. if the Product owner requests for something or how to manage the project.

I read this book when preparing for the exam: Pmi-Acp Exam Prep Study Guide: Extra Preparation for Pmi-Acp Certification Examination (

Hope this helps with your prep and best of luck.
Michael -

Unless a question specifically indicates a different role always assume you are the Agile Lead/Scrum Master/Coach.

That makes sense Kiron, will keep that in mind.

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