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Define the successful PM in 2 lines only

Define the successful PM in 2 lines only
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Ideally, A successful PM keeps his team motivated, manages his project effectively & efficiently, delivers his project on time and within budget while keep his client happy and satisfied.

Mitigate nostalgia effect of adjourning by Securing next project for his team during archiving greater than one his current SPI & CPI with Zero Harm.

A Professional who plans well, executes methodically and governs analytically.
An ethical individual who lives with "Quality" from start to finish of a Project.

Deliver value as perceived by the customer through the effective balancing of constraints while minimizing threats.

He who delivers the quality product within budget and allocated time period.

Delivering with the best balance between constraints in international environment and a team from different culture background.

Somebody who can ran faster than stakeholders when things go wrong.

Shephard those involved through the journey and help deliver value.

A successful project manager is skillful at being everywhere at once while focused on a single goal, prepared for issues that crops up and solve them without loosing calm, clear-headed and is able to keep his team motivated.

The ability to have a vision on how to deliver a project on schedule by guiding your team members to stay focused on their part in the project. Every team member plays an important role in completing the puzzle.
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