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Critical Chain with multiple projects/at scale

Hi all,

I'm looking to implement the critical chain method with a team that does about 300 projects per quarter, with a team of 65 handling about 5 projects per person. The team of 65 reports into 8 managers, so each manager has about 8 staff. Essentially each manager is responsible for scheduling about 40 projects per quarter. The staff executing the projects aren't shared across managers, and their main resource constraint is working with 1-2 SMEs/clients external to the company.

There are three different project types the teams execute on, ranging from 100-200 tasks.

Does anyone have any resource they would suggest to help with implementing CC at scale? Most of the examples I've found look at CC with 4 projects at the same time and a small team.

Thanks in advance!
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Is not about the number of projects. Is about you have to change the mind of everybody including the project/program/portfolio managers. I am saying it based on my personal experience. At the time where I learned and I worked with the method Mr. Goldart teached us because there was other person to do that. It was a requirement from some of the key customers of the company where I worked. So, my recomendation is taking into account you have to change the culture.About the number of projects/programs in my personal experience this method make things easy to manage with large number of projects and small number of resources (any type of resources). The method is based on operation research and linear programming.

It is essential to always use the critical chain in the projects of the companies. Normally, this issue can be handled by the company's PMO, which allows to know which are the critical resources of the company as well as the bottlenecks in the projects in a global way.

Dear Justin, I don't see any particular problem with using Critical Chain for your environment. I think you will need CC software though.


Critical chain should always be used in a project. Although simple, it is quite a powerful concept.

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