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How many meetings a day?

How many meetings a team should attend daily without affecting productivity? Does it varies based on software methodology you are adopting like Waterfall, Agile or others?
How many meetings you attend as a project manager on daily basis apart from customer calls?
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A minimum of once a week team meeting with as needed team meetings scheduled as a need arises.

For software projects a daily standup meeting would help. It's the PM's discretion on the caliber of the project teams. Weak teams need to be monitored closely and experienced team need less babysitting.

Corporate project meetings are another story. Some days my meetings throughout the day would total 6+ hours.

I hold a daily scrum call with the team. If necessary, there are break-out meetings. Aside from my team, project meetings can range from 1-5. It depends on the day and the needs of the project, but on avg, 3/day.

If there is a need to meet to discuss an item, it is worth it. I try to limit 'meetings' b/c I want the team to focus on their work.

Another "it depends" Sonali, but as Andrew and Drake mentioned, a daily standup of some sort for any kind of project is a good way to go. Other meetings are based on an as needed basis.

I'm a fan of JIT meeting so once a team reaches the performing stage and is self-aware. Till then, short daily standups focused on blockers.


First of all: productivity does not depends on time you do not put into work. You can use non labor hours to be productive. Second, the number of meetings and the number of calls does not matter. What matter is you achieve or not the objective because you attend to the meeting or conference call. To do that you must plan the meeting and the conference call which is something most of the people do not make. Planning the meeting or the conference call is to put in paper a list of actions with the time it will demmand (for example if you will use some time for "ice breaking" that must be planned because it will impact into the whole time available to achieve the meeting or conf call objective)

It depends in part on what qualifies as a 'meeting'. My team is colocated so we communicate constantly, and it can be said we have several 'mini-meetings' daily. Other than that we have at least one formal weekly meeting with stakeholders, and on average 2 others meetings per week as needed.

Every great job, every well done project need a lot of sacrifices. I should recommend my team to hold meeting after work hours because repeated meeting in a single day unavoidably will negatively impact our project and decrease productivity.

Sonaly I post a poll last year about it, take a look to the participation.

However, the important isn't the number from my point of view is the productivity of those meetings.

It depends but I conduct a daily Morning Meeting.

I believe there is no true good or bad number of meetings daily or otherwise. It depends on the value the participants perceive from them. One or more regular meetings per week serve for all to know the progress, to exchange on different opportunities or challenges faced during a given period, and to simply get away from one's screen and exchange and create or keep up the dynamics. Long meetings would be best avoided or broken into shorter meetings, one subject per meeting. I have observed that the frequency and duration should be adapted depending on proximity of participants, the purpose of the meeting, the available window with distributed teams. An agenda is a great tool to keep the meeting structured and flowing. A meeting becomes a useful tool when mails become a never ending chain of information without a decision or a conclusion. Recognize when to stop a meeting, when the discussion keeps looping back to already covered ground.
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