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Process Mapping Software

Trying to get a sense of what process mapping tools/ software are being/ have been used by folks out here. Would appreciate if you could please mention:
1. Tool name (visio, powerpoint, lucidchart, etc.)
2. Licence (individual, enterprise, team)
3. Pros/ cons/ experience with tool

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I work in the business transformation domain and the primary tools we have used for process re-engineering and mapping are the ARIS modeller and Visio.

The ARIS modeller has a more comprehensive set of views but is a lot more resource-intensive. It is advised only if the organisation is deeply invested in the transformation exercise and is willing to commit enough resources to achieve its objectives.

As is so often the case, most organisations do not have this bandwidth. Visio is a good fall-back. We are provided with the Enterprise version but the Individual version is fairly well equipped as well.

A word of advice on Visio: Before starting, strong conventions need to be defined on the type of map, meanings of symbols, formatting elements (colours, fonts, etc.). If this is not done, integrating processes across a hodge-podge of Visio maps becomes a mini-project on its own.

V for Visio.
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