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Have your project management improveded with the flourish of Technology? How?

Have your project management improveded with the flourish of Technology? How?
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many aspects when PM as whole to be considered. I will note down one of them.
Communication wise, when projects go global, the technology has improved. using different tools it has got the team together and communication speed has improved.

Technology can assist project managers to do their job, but it is no substitute for best practices.

Samer -

While technology has certainly helped with PM "hard" practices and has facilitated working with dispersed or virtual teams, I would highlight the increased availability of support and knowledge via communities such as this one as the real "killer app".


i've worked remotely for a while so i must say technology has aided in facilitating and reducing the cost of collaboration. also tools like Jira, SP, etc. have reduced the effort spent on the admin tasks related to project management.
however, what is needed is the will and intent to leverage technology. WE need to manage the project, not the tools

Technology definitely helps, but an important aspect, I think is the learning curve and adoption to the needs of project as well as organization. It should not be an overhead. For my projects this has been the case but at end has been effective and eased many of the manual tasks.

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