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Have you ever implemented a PMO within your organization?

Hi everyone,
I plan to suggest our top management that projects should bring more benefits if they are handled under a PMO structure. Have you ever implemented a PMO within your organization? What did you find as benefits of such a structure? what did it practically bring to your organization? What approach is more successful according to you when dealing with an organization that does not use the standards of Project Management?
Joseph Fokoua.
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I made it from more than 25 years ago in quit different domains from government to non-profit organizations. To implement a PMO is a matter of organizational strategy. Strategy defines the functions/process that organizations will use to answer to environmental stimuli (project/program/portfolio management process in this case) and the place where they will be located (a new business unit named PMO in this case). So, first thing to do, is to decide about the process to implement and the place where they will be located. When you have that then the next step is to create it. No more than that.

@ Sergio Thanks for your valued guidance, are suggesting if an organizations with many facilities if they execute CAPEX capital expense projects quite often then it would be wiser to have separate functional department named PMO and looks after projects only aligned to organization strategy.

Yes, it was a mixed result, namely because not all senior management were sold on the benefits of aligning projects with business strategy. The PMO functioned well, with governance and assisting PM's and processes. But from time to time it was hard to quantify the benefits if the PMO when certain board members didn't understand truly believed it was just overhead.

Joseph -

I've setup a couple of PMOs as a full-time employee and consulted to many companies which were in the process of setting up PMOs.

As with any organizational transformation, you need to start with a business case proving that a PMO is the best way to achieve a given objective and ensure that there is buy-in and alignment in the mandate for the PMO upfront.

The specific nature of the PMO's services, its structure, staffing and longevity will be dictated by the objectives identified.


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