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Discover to Deliver - Agile Product Planning and Analysis

Anyone have experience with this - 'Discover to Deliver'? I had never heard of it.

"Transform an idea into the right product - and one that delivers value..."

I'd like to hear other's experiences or insights.
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Seems to promote an approach for Product Delivery, working cross-functionally across the organization, looking at the product needs with the organization's landscape. I see parallels with the process of taking an idea from business justification through the business case and the partnership with Enterprise Architecture when vetting new initiatives.

Is this simply a more 'agile-centric' process of the same, showcasing the importance of inclusion, inspection, and adaptability?

Wow! So no one has heard of it? I am both surprised, and not surprised. Usually, you all chime in just for the sake of it and to share either interest or opinion.

I only found out about it when it was shared that a large organization attempted to implement, spent numerous months, then decided not to continue with it. I don't know any specifics. But interesting to hear that such a large org would choose something seemingly unknown. This is why I brought it up here, go garner wider insight.

Call me surprised!

Thanks Andrew, for sharing this.
I have never heard about it, but would to explore this further when I get a chance. I can see excellent reviews for this book !!

Interesting - endorsement by the Poppendiecks and Ed Yourdon is positive but the 2 minute overview video makes it sound like a blend of JAD, QFD and Jeff Patton's guidance in User Story Mapping.

If you decide to buy the book, Andrew, let us know whether you found it to be revolutionary or just evolutionary...


We are using it in my actual work place. I am in charge of this type of things. As Kiron mentioned it is not new, is based on seven dimensions or views of a product that belongs to 1980. Because of that it was assigned to me due to my practical experience in that things. People that have worked with system analysis from Mc Mennaming and Palmer will be remember it. It belongs to the same group that some new buzzwords like Design Thinking that are based on ancient principles.

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