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Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt

I am interested in Lean six sigma and 6 sigma GB or BB. But, before proceeding further, I want to know

1. Is it mandatory to get ASQ certification on GB and BB? Or can do through any other associations/ institutes?
2. If I do GB and BB through other associates/ institutes, will it be accepted by companies?
3. Is it required to do GB before BB or directly can do BB?

Request advise.
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Muthukrishnan -

Although ASQ and a few other associations offer LSS credentials, this is not mandatory. If your company has an operational excellence program based on LSS, they will likely have an internal certification process for YB/GB/BB/MBBs. The key is to assess the quality of the training and verification process - in some companies, it is very superficial whereas in others it is very rigorous.

From a recognition perspective, ASQ is well known, but if you opt for a company-based certification path, it will depend on the profile and visibility in the market of that company.

You should do a GB before a BB to gain sufficient mastery of fundamental tools, the DMAIC lifecycle and report outs under the mentoring of a BB. Having done this, you would then be ready to learn the advanced tools needed by a BB and independently complete a moderate complexity process improvement project.


The plan is to build my skills to move ahead in my career path. Thanks

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