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Is OpenProject a good alternative?

Long time ago once I used OpenProject under Linux to manage a project. In between there were some different tools like Microsoft Project and Jira for managing projects. However, sometime ago I got an advice from a friend who recommended OpenProject. Does someone of you have experience with OpenProject and can recommend it?
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Never used it.

I'm assuming you're referring to Serena OpenProject? It's a fairly decent replacement for MS Project - does not have all the analytical capabilities of the latter but can be used for smaller projects without feeling the pinch.

The key issue I faced was the inability to integrate plans back into the MPP format (for peers on MS Project) and vice versa.

In short, for smaller projects where only one person owns and reviews the plan - it's a great alternative.

Like Sante, Never used it either.


If it like most other OpenSource, good. Implement most use function. On there site there is various version free and Enterprise.

I think it is worth exploring, if you do give feedback to the community!

Have a look at this site http://project-management.softwareinsider....-vs-OpenProject

Very detailed

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