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What is the estimation method you use for Agile Project?

What is the estimation method you use for Agile Project?
I didn't use a poll so we may discover new methods used by others.
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I've used fibonacci and Tshirt methods, but also customized ones.

Planning poker

Story weighting; team members all agree on a story value using Fibonacci. To those values, you can assign t-shirt sizes, characters, or other values to simplify and for fun.

Story point with a link to Use Case Points-Function Points to adjust the numbers and making the inherent error as low as we can in those cases where it is a new initiative. Just in case we use Use Cases then we use Use Case Points with a link to Function Points.

Mohammed -

Start with analogous estimation just as I would on a deterministic project, then t-shirt sizing and finally story point sizing using planning poker (for new or immature teams) or straight story point allocation (for more mature teams).


Thanks for sharing information

We are using story points and planning poker cards for voting.

If you use rally software, you can use both Story Points (it is great for team estimation and long-term planning) and estimates in hours at task level (it is good for collecting individual metrics and short-term planning).
Also, if a team starts to compare SP with ideal hours, you can use estimations in fruits or dog breeds - this will add more fun.

I've used Planning Poker and T-Shirt Sizing.

Few other techniques include: Relative mass valuation and Bucket System.

I've used story points. Normally we explore different ways to estimate including analogous an pick the one that suits the team/project.
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