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How to achieve successful project management in a multigenerational workplace.

I’m working on my final research paper to finish my MBA and I chose, “How to achieve successful project management in a multigenerational workplace.”

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips besides researching each generation and how they prefer things? I believe this is a big topic right now and since it’s a newer topic there isn’t much research available besides information on each generation.

Like I said looking for your feedback and hopefully my paper can help others.
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Ashley, When you say multigenerational, what is the gap between one generation and the other ?

In big international companies, multigenerational workplace existed since a very long time and yet, successful project management was achieved by smooth integration and blending of both all generation in a harmonic work atmosphere. As you said, it is a big subject so I am not sure if I was able to fully explain what I exactly mean.

Good Luck.

There is a great article on this site by Jennifer FitzPatrick, it might help

Thru successful communication management.
Good luck.

The first thing to failure into what you name multigerational workplace is to think and then behave as it is a multigerational workplace assuming that there are quit different differences instead of the basic: a common objective to achieve. I am saying that not only because a research a lot on it. Because I was CIO of a big company which 250 people in my area when I was 25 years old in 1985 and after that I led all types of initiatives and areas up to date, inluding it I am working with people located around the whole world from 1998.

Well firstly you could try categorizing these generations into their respect groups such as X, Y, Millennials etc. Then look at what motivates, interests and inspires each one, not just "how they prefer things". You will find there are a number of differences. These differences will impact the way each generation manages people, and how each is managed by people. Core management and leadership competencies will emerge with varying abundances and deficits in key areas; a major one being emotional intelligence. This will influence how projects are managed, particularly with respect to stakeholders.

Ashley -

HBR has done a number of articles in the last year on this topic so I'd recommend searching on their website (



It is not the first time we have multigenerational project, it is not the first time a young generation is more knowledgeable technologie wise that the older.

While this is an interesting topic from the perspective of general organisation management, I am not sure it holds much relevance for project management. would there be a use-case for this problem? what would have driven you to select this topic?

as Rami, Sante, and Vincent have noted - this is not something new. multiple generations have always worked together in projects. and we have a smaller gap in technology and attitudes now when compared to the gap between babyboomers and Gen X/Y ers. they had fantastic advances in communication (the internet, mobile phones) to contend with.

in my experience, as long as the project objective is clear and the roles and responsibilities are set, there have not been any surprises that can be solely attributed to generational attitudes.

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