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Association for Talent Development

this isn't directly related to project management but posting here to reach a wide audience. Is anyone a member of the Association for Talent Development ( or has acquired one of their certifications? Looking forward to some general insights, experience, market value, etc.

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Never heard of it.

On their mailing list but not a member

Never heard of them

ATD is a good organization if you are interested in the "talent development" or training field. Membership might be helpful to provide context if you managed projects for a training organization or were responsible for developing training. When I managed a PMO, I was a member, because I was always having to develop training for one thing or another. Membership gets you access to many useful tools. Since I don't know your career path, I cannot tell you if certification would be worth your time.

Thanks, Juanita. That's very helpful. Is it OK if i connect with you separately over linkedin? thx

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