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Communication Metrics
What are some useful metrics that can be collected on Communication Management? Please share if any metrics already captured on communication in your projects.
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Can you clarify how you use them? What is measured? Who receives the metrics? What are they doing with them? Typically you would perhaps not want to measure how many comms were sent, but how effective they were. One way to achieve that is to send a survey AFTER a project-relevant comms was sent, e.g. should it be needed to asses how well people understand a project (purpose, scope, etc.).
Muthu -

Oliver's recommendation to use a post-project survey to gather communication satisfaction from stakeholders is spot on and another complementary option would be to quantify the number of changes to your communication management plan that were not primarily caused by identification of changes to your stakeholders as that would be one way to assess whether initially planned approaches were hitting the mark or not. You could also quantify the number of communications-related issues from issue logs.

It can be metrics like:
- Customer satisfaction
- Number of communication channels
- Planned communications vs communications made

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