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How agile or lean project management would help in IT project management?
How agile or lean project management would help in IT project management? Is anyone having experience in this area? i would love to hear what you have to say.
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See the attached for the approach used at Corbis software.
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I think what you need to know, in Principle, is that Agile basis itself on 'Trust' team members & their capabilities more than the PM process.

Lean approach then actually implies being free of unnecessary Dev evils which both developers and consultants alike like to stay away from.

I think development organizations favor Agile more than consulting organizations do. There are exceptions to the rule of course.
What I have found is that there are three main benefits for the project managers when using Agile:
1. reduce costs and risks (Agile implies using iterations and producing some results to the customer early)
2. maximize value to the customer, thus increasing client satisfaction: this results in the client wanting to make additional business
3. cope better with uncertainty (my favourite) again the iterations and early coming with results help clarifying requirements and you can find early in the project mismatches between the contract and what actually happen.

Potential pitfalls however are:
i. never try this with a certain type of team members (that lack initiative and desire to permanently improve themselves)

ii. try with caution with a client that is not fair and has a different agenda then the benefit of the project.

See some wonderful materials here:

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