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Knowledge Share Request: questions about managing working project meetings?

Hi All,

I'm looking for new perspectives and ideas. I'm currently acting in the role of a project manager for a group of small premises projects for four sites that are just starting to kick off.

I've never thought twice about running project meetings off of either the project plan (in MS Project), or a quad report (which extracts actions, milestones, decisions/clarifications, and risks - one for each quad). Since only two of the sites are generating much action right now I was using the quad. After our first meeting, I had to admit that attempting to manage two different projects in one quad wasn't working (even though the scope of work is small).

A key project team member and SME has told me to use a RAID log (risk, action, issue, decision), with colored priorities to highlight. He mentioned being confused about priorities and that this would help. I was going to move back to use MS Project, but suspect this won't please the SME who is, senior, picky, visual (and likes to tell others what to do).

My ask is this: what tools and techniques have others used to manage meetings for a small group of projects (a modest program, at best), with a similar theme and working project group? I have to consider my SME's ask about color coding / i.e. prioritizations, and want to keep him happy. A RAID seems disconnected from how I would normally manage the project (involving duplication of effort): has this approach worked for others? Pros / cons? Any other ideas?

The only way I could think to use a RAID log and keep MS Project going for schedule and resourcing would be to keep MS Project very sparse and high level, and put the weeds in the RAID log - again if anyone has done this I'd love to hear how it worked out.

Thanks! Any ideas welcome.

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Guy -

What is the specific purpose of the meeting? Is to share status, to resolve issues or to make a decision?

If the former, is there an opportunity to replace an actual status meeting with information radiators (physical or virtual) or to use something like a Kanban board to reflect the status of work items, blockers & risks?


Hello Kiron,

Thank you for the reply.

We refer to it as the "working" meeting for the project (weekly in cadence): it is first and foremost a status meeting; however, people bring issues/risks to talk/work through on the call as well, we often talk through decisions that need to be made, etc.

I do appreciate your point about trying a Kanban board to represent status. I'll look into giving that a try. Thank you.


I would never have think of using MS project to run meeting.

I use Kanban board in some case. It is simple and easy.

Before anything ensure the right people have been invited, the wrong people not invited, there is enough notice, and then establish some ground rules or at least set the tone of the expected format in the meeting agenda.

As Kiron mentioned, a kanaban style board would be good. Add a milestone chart and perhaps map critical factors you need to share with the stakeholders such as risks, issues, actions, assumption etc.

Thank you Vincent and Sante. I'll try by combining your ideas by looking into giving a Kanban board a try, and along with it a milestone chart to keep everyone on target for the over all timeline.

I agree with my colleagues here, Kanban board will help to visualize teams perspective on projects

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