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How we distinguish the role of PMO as Policeman or light house?

In majority organizations, the role of PMO is quite ineffective because organization looks towards the success of the project and PMO is addressed only when project fails i.e only blaming PMO.Organization should focus in strengthening the PMO and improve its effectiveness through organization vision and mission about PMO.
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I agree with you Muhammad. It is same in most parts of the world.
PMO will in fact be ineffective, if it starts working or even think its job is of a policeman. No. PMO should work like a light house. Because it shows the correct path to the organization and guide them on how to make a project work and successful.
Without PMO a project cannot succeed. Organizations should understand the importance of the Project management methodologies for the success of their project and start empowering the PMO. They must understand that a Project Manager is like a captain of ship in the waters. He should be given support and free hand in navigating his way to the destination.

Muhammad -

PMO as good (or bad) cop is a short-lived approach - I've seen more than my fair share of those shut down after a year or so. Sustainable PMOs are catalysts for accelerating value delivery and for raising the organizational PM capability.


Kiron's right. A PMO must increase value through reduced costs, faster project completion, increased project success, etc. In the process of doing this it might function as a policeman at times, but ultimately creating value for an organization is the PMO's role.


PMO should be the one in the organization who derive the organization vision & missions but we do not raise the importance and effectiveness of the PMO which causes the PMO cannot perform its actual function i.e, giving direction to the organization.

Not only PMO, but also you may find some other entities and or departments in an organization which are not effective because of different reasons. The effectiveness of PMO has to do with how to define its power, role and responsibilities and how to operate based on them.

One of the things to consider is pushing the narrative of risk assessment, ethics, and standard operating systems as their goals and responsibilities in order to provide more vocal roles in assessing and analyzing risks before the blame game comes into play while leadind from a distance. Equifinality - allowing the team to present an end state by any potential means through risk assessments.

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