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PMP bootcamp

Did anyone complete an onsite (not online) PMP bootcamp to prepare for the exam? I am considering Grey Campus.
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Yes, I had completed one. I found it helpful. I used it as supplemental to my own preparation activities.

Kristie -
I did complete an on site booth camp. Found it really helpful. As Andrew noted - it was supplemental to my own prep. I also partnered with some really great individuals from the class to study- an advantage of onsite!

I did a boot camp as well. I scheduled it after I had completed my own studies and then took the exam about 4 weeks later. It was a good last minute push of information and also help to get me into "exam mode". After the boot camp I focused on practice quizzes and tests.

I did not do an onsite boot camp.

I also did one and would definitely recommend!
During the exam I could actually visualise slides and hear some of the instructor's information being recited in my head which definitely helped.
I did the PMP Exam Power Prep course through Strategy Execution.
Good luck and happy studying!

Good Info ... Good Luck Kritstie.

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