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Whats the difference between Scrum and Kanban?

I wonder what is the difference between Scrum and Kanban. Both are using a board which indicates which is to do, in progress or done. Also a backlog exists for both. Can anyone explain me briefly the difference?
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Scrum is a methodology. Scrum meetings are the brief daily meetings. Kanban is a tool in Scrum, the board that displays work items.

Kanban is a tool that can be used inside Scrum framework. Kanban is used inside Lean environments as a "scheduling" tool. For people like me that worked on manufacturing environments Kanban cards have been used from lot of years ago as an inventory control system to support just in time manufacturing. Scrum is a framework and because of that you can complete it with tools that best fit for your current environment.

As Sergio has explained, kanban is primarily a scheduling system. Key characteristics of kanban are:
* it is visual
* it allows downstream systems to send signals to upstream systems
* inventory limits are critical in a kanban system
* it is a pull system (downstream system pulls inputs from upstream, rather than upstream pushing to downstream)

These principles can be used in any environment- from manufacturing cars to managing software releases to managing the stock of food in your kitchen/ pantry


Clemens -

Kanban and Scrum are complementary - if you search for "Scrumban" you'll find a lot of guidance on how to combine the two.

Kanban is more evolutionary and encourages continuous incremental change whereas Scrum will require some upfront significant changes to roles, artifacts and practices.

Although Scrum tools can provide a Scrum board, a Kanban board would go much further by having queue limits, different classes of work items and so on.


Thank you all for your input. I did now understand what both terms mean and where I can find further information.

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