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What are the pain points of a Project manager?

Hello guys, I am conducting a survey to improve our product. Your answers will help us to serve community in the right direction. Please answer the following questions:

1- Goals (primary goals to achieve in your on-going job, company wide).

2- Frustration (what are the points/areas which bothers or create issue in your workplace tasks.

3- Tasks (what are primary tasks in your job)

4- How do you see future of managing tasks/project using apps?

5- What are the areas you are looking or trying to find in any task/productivity management products?

6- What makes you happy in using productivity management application?

Hi Atif,

I am not sure the answers to these questions would lead to any usable information. At best, you would get an ocean of data which cannot be parsed into anything meaningful.

I would recommend anchoring on what information you really need and having a strongly designed survey to fill in gaps in that area.

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