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Project management software options

With so many project management software options, what are your favorites for traditional project management and what are your favorites for agile...and why? What is it about the software you are using that you find beneficial? What is lacking?
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Teresa -

The common MS Office applications are my most frequently used ones for all projects, with MSP added in for traditional and collaboration/work management tools like Confluence & JIRA for agile.

The challenge is rarely with the tools - most have the basic set of features required. The real challenge is with ensuring the team has adequate training and uses them appropriately.


For traditional project management, I prefer SmartSheet (excel on steroids) - and of course the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio) are essential. For the more technically inclined and agile - Jira with Confluence is an amazing combination!

I use MS Project, SharePoint and Jira for Agile. The problem is that not all team members are using these tools in a consistent manner

I use Excel and Sharepoint

Dear Teresa,

I use MS Project 2013 and ORACLE PRIMAVERA.

Now it's depend of how your organization want to manage projects; management at the enterprise level or "isolated"; because If the company want to improve the use of scare resources across projects, the project management tools should have a kind of resources pool and if the company want to capture data in order to see overall trend, compare performances, Analyse which Deliverable cause most the problem, Plan to improve skills, etc. ORACLE Product are good enough.

Personally I will suggest ORACLE PRIMAVERA, now they have ORACLE PRIMAVERA PRIME that 100% Cloud and is affordable.

Advantage to use ORACLE PRIME are :
1. The environment integrate CPM+Lean Scheduling
2. The integration is enhanced with new trends like Risk Analysis, Capital planning., Portofolio, etc.
3. Stakeholder engagement is present
4. Procuments management and more apps.
5. PRIMAVERA allow you with almost with unlimited Baselines, Nº of Activities, Activity Attibutes, etc.

PRIMAVERA offer more insight to Project Manager and Project Planners.

The lacking couldn't find Yet!


I agree with Manda, I used both excel, msn project and primavera P6, I found Primavera is high end.

MS Project, Jira, Excel. Kiron has a good point. It's not so much the tool since they all have certain bells and whistles. It's the education, adoption and utilization of that tool by the team that counts.
1 reply by Teresa Lawrence, PhD, PMP, CSM
Mar 01, 2018 3:23 PM
Teresa Lawrence, PhD, PMP, CSM
Makes sense, right! Th software cannot run itself! :)

It depends on what is the business need, domain etc... Most of the leading tools have a set of key features where they dominate in their functionality offerings. There has been some good ranking profile mapped by marketing research organizations - which positions these tools in different aspects, i.e. Ability to execute v/s vision etc...
drafting a structured balanced scorecard matrix after doing a situation analysis at user end and subsequently mapping the tool would be a good option....

I agree with Kiron, MS Office applications are my most frequently used ones.
That's what I use together with MS Project.
They are widely spread so it is easy for others to use them and access the info.

MS Project.

Excel to create a Kanban board.
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Waiting for the time when I can finally say that this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way.

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