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Anyone use PM to help with an Eagle Scout?
My G-dson is going for his Eagle Scout and I thought that maybe someone would have a template that they could share. I would love to hear about your experience and gain any time saving tips.
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Rachelle -

Is it an opportunity to teach him about rudimentary project management practices by building a WBS with him down to the activity level, then building a network diagram with him and finally creating a simple schedule in Excel?

Even if a project template existed, using it wouldn't satisfy the requirements described in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. The Scout will have to do the planning himself. Here's an excerpt from the Workbook:
"Your project must present an opportunity for planning, development, and leadership. For example, if a blood drive is chosen and the blood bank provides a set of “canned” instructions to be implemented with no further planning, the planning effort would not meet the test. You may need to meet with blood bank officials and work out an approach that requires planning, development, and leadership. This might involve developing and carrying out a marketing and logistics plan, reaching a challenging collection goal, or coordinating multiple blood collection events."
This is all a learning experience and yes, teaching him the vocabulary and the process then, he must decide what is appropriate for his project and what is not. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks Rachelle for mentioning this.
Maybe just a basic schedule of tasks/dates, even in Excel or better Visio so it's nice and visible, with milestones along the way.

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