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Triangular or Beta Formula. Which estimation formula to use?

How would you answer this question on the PMP exam only given the following information?

If the most likely duration of an activity is five weeks, the best-case duration is two weeks, and the worst-case duration is 14 weeks, how many weeks is the expected duration of the activity?

a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

Trying to understand which PMI prefers when the formula to use is not provided. I missed this question on a practice exam and would like to avoid doing this on the real exam.

There are 2 possible correct answers, 6 if using beta, 7 if using triangular.
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If it is not specified, use the PERT formula (O + 4(M) + P / 6. So the answer would be c

Dinah's right - a PERT, beta distribution or weighted average should be the default choice unless they specify the triangular distribution in the body of the question.


Thanks! Much appreciated!

Dinah's your new RMP in application :-)

For the triangular, if i remember well it use when talking about software project in the context of the PMP exam.

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