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Learning Project Management Software

I am looking to learn a Project Management software package to become proficient in this area. What recommendations do people have for someone with a vary sparse budget?

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Matthew -

You did not mention what application you are interested in becoming proficient in. I'm assuming you are just looking for something/anything at this point to cut your teeth on.

ProjectLibre Community Edition is an open source (free) project management application and can be downloaded from

This tutorial covers the basics of ProjectLibre

Matthew -

there is no universal PM tool - MS Office is the most commonly used suite of tools. MS Project knowledge might help if you are working on traditional projects and you could consider looking at Confluence, JIRA or Trello for projects following an agile life cycle.

You can get a lot of good info on these via YouTube and other online free sources but the bigger cost constraint might be to get access to these tools.


MS Project

Thanks all - I did find the following "guide" I will be working on for MS Project - Also, I will take Ezara's advice and see how a competing/open source program works.

When I had initially started to look into this i had found one site called which appeared to have a rather slick interface - but, this is from a newbie's perspective so pretty pictures distracts me rather easily ... squirrel. :)

Whew, that is some ask. Go through Youtube and MPUG for MS Project related videos. As Kiron points out, there is not universal tool There is a lot of commonality though. Just search around, watch some videos, play around if possible. Some local libraries have access to If you have a library card, so check that out. Also, check out sites like udemy.

Good luck and have fun!

Check if your organisation has an account with -- Lynda is an REP and has a lot of great content related to the using of PM software (I have seen MS Project, primarily).

My organisation is fantastic when it comes to training and upskilling of its resources - and has purchased access for us to a lot of such content.

I agree with my colleagues here.
MS Office, MS Project, Jira and Sharepoint are some of the commonly used tools.

Since you have sparse budget then don't go for PRIMAVERA P6, look for cheaper software or even start with free excel for project
If you are a beginner in the project management domain RationalPlan would be a good fit for you since it follows the PMBOK guidelines:

Some PPM tools that exist in the market:
Oracle Primavera
CA Clarity
MS Project server
Talaila (Open source)
1 reply by Daniel Perez Gonzalez
Aug 24, 2018 4:29 AM
Daniel Perez Gonzalez
CA Clarity is no the name anymore, current name is CA PPM.
But also it was previously called Niku Clarity or CA Clarity PPM
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