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Pmbok5 or Pmbok6

I started preparing for PMP based on Pmbok5, still I am scoring 65% in mockup test. My idea to get 80% in mockup tests before I appear for exam. Now I have another 20 days left. Do I wait and start preparing for PMP based on Pmbok6. What is the good online training for pmbok6. Whatever I studied Pmbok5 will be wasted when I start preparing for pmbok6?
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It will not be wasted. You just have to build upon what you already know to the updated version.

Take a look at the 6th version changes here:

You still have time - 3 / 4 hours per day for two weeks.

Hi Suresha, what is your timeline to get your PMP? If you can't wait, your probably want to accelerate your prep before the exam changes. If you can wait, then start studying for PMBOK 6. There is a video on the PMI website that goes over the changes. It;s not a 100% rewrite so you won't lose a lot from your v5 studying. Most terms and knowledge areas remain mostly unchanged, a few more tools and techniques. The things to focus on would be the changes and new content. Effort to handle all this, yes, but you also will be starting off with the latest version and knowledge. If your intent is just to pass, drive for v5. If you want to be a good PM, take the time to learn v6 to not only see what has changed, but understand why it's changed. Lots of books and videos out there now cover v6. I'm reviewing latest version of Project Management books from Kerzner as well as Merideth et all, both revised for v6. I also suggest getting latest Q&As for PMBOK v6 edited by Dr Anbari, available from PMI bookstore and other places.


Thanks Rami and Alex. I can wait for Exam in Pmbok 6

Suresha, for some it's important to get the PMBOK 5 in time, but as you say you can wait, so now you have plenty of time to prepare and pass. Good luck :-)

Sante, I need to prepare and pass before June. Thanks
1 reply by Sante Vergini
Mar 01, 2018 8:54 PM
Sante Vergini
Ok well I wish you good luck Suresha. I'm sure you will be fine.

Suresha -

If you can, take the current exam otherwise you might find a dearth of qualified content related to the updated exam prior to June.


Mar 01, 2018 6:09 PM
Replying to suresha hp
Sante, I need to prepare and pass before June. Thanks
Ok well I wish you good luck Suresha. I'm sure you will be fine.

I agree with Kiron on this. Try hard and take the exam before March, anyway it's up to you to decide.

Good luck and all the best

All the best, Suresha - it's a tremendous journey and one that you will be proud to look back upon.
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