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EHS: A Project Management Knowledge?
Dear PM experts & enthusiasts, worldwide... EHS is considered very important in construction implementation (of large and small project) as the lack of it will endanger the people and its project, worst the collapse of it, as Management and even Government (of a country) may suspend the project. Though, wondering why till then, PMBOK did not considered it yet (correct me if am wrong) as one one of the knowledge areas or even part of it?
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Well the PMBOK guide is very wide and it has so many umbrellas if they have to mention each name I think the book would be more than 5000 pages and we won't be able to pass the exam. but EHS can fall under the umbrella of EEF most of government rules and regulations / labour laws falls under this and other policies may fall under OPA.
Yes it does fall under EEF
I remembered that the PMBOK Construction Extension highlights the EHS points. In general, EHS is specially emphasized in construciton, and that is one of the focal point between Construction Projects with other type of projects. Hope this helps...
I applaud Joefil for his recognition that the PMP you just earned is woefully inadequate as a Construction Certification. While all the other process areas apply to every Construction Project, A good Construction PM (or higher) requires the following:
1) Extensive/expert level knowledge of Construction Contracts generally, and your proprietary Contract in particular.
2) Expert understanding and knowledge of SAFETY/OSHA/NEBOSH.

In my opinion, these 2 Basic Building Blocks of our Industry easily comprise 40% of the basic requirements for any Project Manager.
One can easily discern that the PMBOK guide and the PMP exam are produced by non-Construction People. (remember those questions using the term CEMENT in lieu of CONCRETE- a dead giveaway). The PMP is not meant to be the top certification for Construction.

While I would probably recommend the PMP Cert. to young Project Management trainees, I would also emphasize the top priorities: the Safety and Safety Risk assessment as the TOP priority, and Secondly Contract Study- the processes in PMP would be third ranked on the priority list for our Industry.

My opinion from the trenches!

That would make sense Mark, just like many other specialized industries that value/require/mandate for example an engineering or quality degree or qualification over a PM qualification in their projects.

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