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Is it important to develop working relationships with stakeholders ?

In my experience, relationships are key in getting things done at work. Especially as PM we don't have a direct authority over our team members. Without relationships, it becomes too difficult. What is your experience ?
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What is an organization or company? Open an adaptable system.Which is a system? Set of components and relations. All related to stakeholders and relations belongs to the system mainly the business layer inside the enterprise architecture. So, if you do not make relations you are out of the system. Projects are started to put in place system transformations to solve a problem.

Alok take them for lunch and you will notice the difference.

Alok -

Even if you have direct authority over them, you need to develop positive working relationships with your team members. Otherwise, you run the risk of being cut down by friendly fire!


My experience is when you are able to develop a positive working relationship, the work goes much smoother.

I have had to work with some people who are not very pleasant and try to make the job harder than it needs to be. I just keep working with them as if we get along much better than we do. Eventually you each find a way to build some kind of relationship.

PM has to frequently balance influencing against the time and goals. Many (or rather most) projects have to fight for resources in a matrix organization - with multiple priorities. Relationship acts a big catalyst in achieving the goals on time.

In case of direct reports, relationship are still important, but the other factors like employee empowerment, motivation, coaching etc are instrumental in achieving performance from your own staff.

Absolutely, relationship building is paramount to success and through which trust and influence is built.

I believe relationship building is a vital tool necessary for a successful project.

As I have said before, stakeholder management/engagement is the number one critical factor in successful projects.

I agree with my colleagues here.
I think devoting a portion of your day would lay the foundation of good relationships with your stakeholders.

Absolutely. Relationship with different stakeholders are critical. Different stakeholders have different expectations. Knowing and managing these expectations effectively are only possible if we have good relationship.

The next successive question is how do you develop the positive good working relationship ? I believe, it is through genuine care and respect to others and in their point of view.
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"We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it. Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away."

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