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Project to Product Management

There have been some good blogs on the Portfolio Management being executed by Business Managers v/s Project managers.

Is "Product (or Service)" Management a logical extension for the Project Managers?

What are the channels and prerequisites for a Project Manager to transition to Product Manager, which can ultimately lead to a Portfolio Mgr.
For reference: A very nice and relevant post from Andy - referring Portfolio Management transition:
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Yes quite possible.

Chetan -

A role as a PM provides a good stepping stone to a number of possible career paths, one of those being into a pure business role such as a product or portfolio manager. A PM who has interest in such a transition should try to learn as much as possible about the company's products & services, demonstrate a strategic mindset in the recommendations he/she puts forward, and get some foundational education (assuming he/she doesn't already have it) in marketing, strategy and a few other disciplines.


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