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Project Management: Best method for success, how to pick one?
Selecting the right project management methodology for the project is essential and how to evaluate project management methods that will ensure we pick the perfect fit for our next project for success is a challenge?
any thoughts ..especially if its a construction project.
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If you want the best well known project management "methodology", then it's Prince2, and it is very widely used in construction.
Joefil -

The best methodology will not compensate for low organizational project management maturity.

What is critical is having the right people leading & contributing to the project and the right level of support surrounding the project. With that in place, a good methodology can be adapted to fit the context and needs of a given project.

I agree with Kiron.
In every project you will have to adapt to it's specifics.
Good comunication and Planning are essential
Mr. JJ-
In construction, there is no Business case to compare throughout the Project. The justification for the Project was determined by the Owner long before Contract Award to the Contractor. The business case from thereon is simple: Maximize the profit margin anticipated by the BD team. This is universal and very simple.
To be successful in prosecuting the Construction Project 2 main tasks are required.
1) Organize, Hire, Train, Mentor the best possible Management Team and Project Manager possible.
2) Construct your Project Management Plan carefully- including Safety and Contracts Management- and work to implement The Plan- including all the Subsidiary Plans. Execute The Plan!
If you have invested in these 2 areas carefully, your Project will always be successful-and safe!

From the trenches!

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