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Looking for advice on how to motivate BAs
Looking for advice on how to motivate BAs on a project where they report to a Functional Manager, not the PM, and there has been a lull in the activity over the past few months.

This project was delayed for reasons outside of our control and is just recently getting back on track. The delays have allowed the BAs to focus on their non-project work and as we are ramping up again, I see they keep reverting back to the non-project work and not focusing on the tasks at hand.
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This is a common issue, and sounds like you're in a functional or weak-matrix organization. The common approach is to build rapport or some kind of relationship with the functional manager to get the resources acting as the project requires. If the functional manager is not a stakeholder (he/she has no skin in the game) then you have an issue, and that is when you need to talk with the sponsor to make sure the required resources are aligned.

This is not uncommon. Would it help to assign project activity in smaller increments that need to be accomplished soon to install a state of urgency to the task, it's completion, and the project and holding them accountable. If they don't do project work, you can tie this refresher or just in time training as folks tend to lose skills not used recent and often.

Just possible suggestions.

It may be the BAs don't feel the project will amount to much; for example, they might believe it will go on yet another lengthy hiatus. People tend to focus on work they feel is a productive use of their time and energy, rather than work they feel is wasting their efforts.

With all team members you have to regularly refresh their memories of why a project is important and how the project's success ties back to their own personal success. A project which was put on hold for a while and then restarted needs to go through a mini-version of the same kickoff and other team building which was originally done...


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