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Career Path from PM to Programme Manager

Hi all, I'd like to learn about your journeys from PM to Programme Manager. Obstacles, boosters, time frames etc etc.
All stories are warmly welcomed!
Thanks in advance, Urban
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It was a natural progression of managing multiple projects at once, and then moving onto more strategic programs that needed a more high level view across projects that shared synergies. I think a lot of project managers are in fact program managers and just don't know it.

My story:

I was leading projects for 7 years, PMO for 5 years, then was asked to take over a set of projects of IBM for an investment bank. My first encounter with that industry. I managed it as a program, closed projects, defined/sold new projects, led project managers, acquired resources across the projects and managed communications with the client. Grew the program and business for IBM in 18 months to client satisfaction.

Next story similar: was asked to do a review for a SAP rollout program (multiple SAP rollouts across Europe, and SAP operations/datacenter and SAP maintenance/AMS). No previous SAP experience. Produced a recommendation, client agreed, and I was asked to implement the turnaround in 6 months. Did that and was then asked to run the program for the next 5 years. Key: stakeholder engagement, governance, benefits focus and getting out of the way of the specialists.

Happy to have private conversations too.

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