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What are the terms/names used to describe project participant?


I am participating in a project as a representative of my department.
To keep track of my own participation I am documenting everything I need to take into consideration or forward to the PM.

What are the different names or terms used to describe the participants?

I understand that "Participant" and "Project team member" is obvious terms, but are there other terms out there?

I am using this community to learn everything I can learn about the world of Project Management, and your help is much appreciated!
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Hi Ulrike! I understand that you are looking for roles assigned to internal customer? There may be terms assigned to project team roles that correspond with responsibilities of the team member. Quite common terms are business analyst, process owner, key user. E.g. business analyst focus on customer requirements management and represent the customer voice. Process owner has to sign off any process and organizational related changes that result from the project. Key user is a customer role intensively participating in the whole project from requirements formulation and verification to testing and training of the other users. Role definitions are responsibilities of the project manager. Perhaps you may first check with him or her if there was are any roles that are already specified for the project.

Hi Lenka, thanks for your super fast response :) I was looking for something that could be used as an overall term, but after reading your response I believe sticking to actual role names would be better long-term. Thanks for helping me reconsider :D !

Ulrikke -

Contributor is another one I've (very) occasionally seen...

1 reply by Ulrikke Johannessen
Mar 08, 2018 10:16 AM
Ulrikke Johannessen
Hi Kiron, thanks for the input! I will write it down so I can take it into consideration :)

Mar 08, 2018 9:13 AM
Replying to Kiron Bondale
Ulrikke -

Contributor is another one I've (very) occasionally seen...

Hi Kiron, thanks for the input! I will write it down so I can take it into consideration :)


I understand what you are Looking for Lenka and Kiron provided excellent suggestion. I would check with the PM how see hi/her view. Could add to your understanding of your role.

Some other terms I could think is User, super user, product owner, they might not apply I have see them use in some case.

In addition to what the other friends mentioned earlier, you may be a "stakeholder". Why they invite you to the meetings? May be your department have some interests in the project.

Hi Ulrikke!

From how you formulate your questions it looks like your company's organization is predominantly functional and people from various departments are assigned to work on a project. It also sounds like there are no specific or more specific project roles such as (just a few for your idea) project planner, cost controller, document controller, discipline leads, project specialist, project risk controller, and perhaps there is no need in your type of projects to distinguishing specific roles for your project.

If this is the case, than using people names while including at the end a list of people with their functions may be enough. However, if your project uses for example an accountant as cost controller and cost controlling is a very important for your project, then mentioning the project role next to the name and departmental function is a way to keep those members with designated project roles accountable in a visible way for the role they play and increase their own and the expectations of the rest of the team for their performance according to the entrusted role.

I tend to just stick with stakeholder. That covers off pretty much everyone!

I use the their particular titles (i.e. director, developer, business analysis, etc.); but consider them all stakeholders

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