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Are today's risks similar to historical risks

If projects team rely too much on past lesson learnt, will team become too complacent in managing risks
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No one should rely solely on lessons learned, but they would also be foolish to ignore them. Learn from the past, apply it to the present, plan for the future.

Lessons learned are important to look at and you start your risk identification from there somehow by looking for example at Checklists but Risk Management is an interative process and risks in the past might not be the same as today’s risk but looking at them could be an eye opener.

One of the downsides of looking at historical risk is that sometimes team get a level of comfort and they rely too much on this info more than they should. Risk Management if not done properly, it can burry your project underground.

Yes at all. Source of risks are external conditions (PESTLE Analysis, Porter Five Forces) and internal conditions. If you search into them inside today information that is available into the internet you will find lot of things happen again by cycles.

Andrew -

If all you do is look in the rear-view mirror, you will miss the construction work ahead.

By definition, projects possess uncertainty, so no matter how much we feel that one project is like another, we need to remain open to the risks emerging from uniqueness.

This is one of the reasons why a diverse group of stakeholders involved in the risk management process can help as we hope at least one of them will not have blinders on!


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