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I am PMP but want to get a specialized scheduling certification. Please vote for PMI-SP or PSP
I am PMP but want to get a specilized scheduling certification. Please vote for PMI-SP or PSP
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I Imagine most here would vote for the PMI-SP. In any case that would be my choice. Anything PMI, then whatever next :-)
Might as well stay in the PMI family.
PMI SP would be the better choice. The entire content of this course is well defined.
Mr. APS-
In my Industry, Construction, when we talk "scheduling" we are really discussing the expertise related to Primavera Scheduling software and Risk Management.
Your value to any future employer is increased dramatically if you can provide Professional Project Management skills as well as P6 expertise- this is a rare combination in our business.
The certification is less important. Any Company expecting you to provide this technical skill will test you in-house to verify.

My opinion from the trenches!
PMI-SP will be my choice. Long time cost effectiveness and ease of recertification.
PMI-SP since you are already familiar with PMI's approach.

Are you in a situation where potential employers are seeking that scheduling certification? I've never seen a scheduling certification listed among a job's qualifying criteria, and I've never been asked about my scheduling prowess during an interview. Having a scheduling certification might be nice to list on your resume, but will it really make you more marketable?
Eric -
I agree, the scheduling skill is not usually in a job description or a topic during an Interview.
However, I do know very few PM's with Primavera skills (for that matter, very few Schedulers with good Primavera skills), but the few I know I would consider in the top 5% of our PM Industry.
It would be a perfect world if the schedulers actually understood the process and tasks required to assemble the work packages. Usually the PM has to get involved and provide the details required for an accurate P6.
If Abhay understands both Project Management and P6 schedules he would be in great demand............
In my opinion.....

Thank you everyone for response. Its helpful.
@Mark: I totally agree with your point. Its always good to get expertise in multiple field simultaneously.
@Eric: Yes actually the main idea behind getting a scheduling certification is to boost my resume. I am working in Project Controls (Construction) and want to add a certification for scheduling as well as cost professional(CCP).

I am confused between PSP and PMI-SP because i have seen many people on LinkedIn holding PSP instead of PMI-SP.
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