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Relationship in my project
In my country in each project we have 3 kinds off relationship between the client or the customer and the consultant company which represents the owner or the client and the contracter in the pmp we don't find this relationship.
The consultant can approve or reject the all documents in.the project
Also he can refuse the PM who is assign to the project he have power offer than the sponsor .
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The project team has a responsibility to the organisation with which it has contracted out work.

There could be an additional organisation which may act as an agent of the customer. The people of this agent may fill roles in the project organisation and assume responsibilities on behalf of the customer. When they assume this responsibility, they have the ability to make decisions on the project aspects related to their roles.

Ideally, all of these relationships should be included in the SOW so that there is clarity on the roles of all companies. But if they are not spelled out, it is still upto the customer to determine who fills project roles.

Just ensure you have the customer decision documented from the customer organisation. There should not arise a case in the future where the customer questions why your organisation has accepted decisions made by the agent organisation.

An ideal way would be to strongly request the customer to publish a project roster as to who (and from which organisation) will be filling project positions. Then reiterate the RACI for these roles - with specific focus on decision-making authority.

Without this coverage, there is no basis for an agent organisation and it will leave your organisation exposed to unnecessary litigation and settlements.
Thank for your explaining

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