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Question on Types of Stories
Please provide guidance on the following question from this site's PMChallenge:

Which type of story would be used when an estimate is not available due to lack of knowledge of the technology required to implement the story?

a. Defect
b. Spike
c. Slack
d. Nonfunctional

A reference that describes types of stories will be appreciated. The PMBOK guide does not seem to mention this.
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This is a Spike, which is an experimental story for the relevant team to experiment/learn about the technology so they can provide a more reliable estimate for the story.

This won't be in the PMBOK guide as the 6th edition is a gentle introduction to some Agile concepts. If you want to learn more about this, then check the Agile Practice guide.
Not sure why the PMChallenge reported the answer as Slack.

Well, the PMChallenge is wrong. Slack has to do with scheduling and is not a story per se. Slack is more about building a buffer in the schedule.
Spike seems correct per description in PMBOK 6th Ed.

Agreed - slack is the red herring in this list as it is not a type of requirement.

It's not a defect as nothing was wrong, and is not a nonfunctional as it is an exploration into an uncertainty so spoke is the best response.

Agile Practice Guide also does not seem to have any reference to DIFFERENT TYPES OF STORIES. Is there any documentation that references types of stories?

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