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Before Taking PMP Exam , be careful !!
Dear all,

I would like to share my knowledge about the exam which could help.

Preparation Stage:

If you are in Preparation you have to keep at least two sources Including POMBOK Guide, I highly recommend Rita as the second resource,

POMBOK: it's exam itself, all the questions are coming from POMBOK Guide for that reason you have to understand POMBOK guide.

Rita: its understanding book you have a lot of explanation including information outside POMbok guide, Rita focus on understanding but it is not organized enough.

what have I done? I did read Rita's book for three times
first: a quick read
Second: I have read each chapter and solve chapter's exam
Third: I have taken general exams.

then you must be answering general exam's questions as much as you could there are a lot of sources on the internet free or paid.

If you are planning to purchase I highly recommend Prepcast exams it is fantastic.

I highly recommend group studying it is very useful for sharing knowledge and filling gaps

* Last week before Exam:
it is the right time to have a final revision and filling your gaps as you have taken much of exam's questions.

Important: Don't disturb your self by searching the internet for final, important, tricky exam questions " Most of them are fake and Commercial needs.

* Last Day before Exam:
Focusing on passing exam nothing else, give your self-positive energy and sleep well.

Wish for you all the best
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thanks a lot. PMBOK its like encyclopedia and Always need further details and explanation, RITA is the best to understand the PMBOK.
Don´t forget the day of the exam. :)

Get up in time. Have a good breakfast. You will need the energy.
Plan some extra time for unforeseeable roadblocks or detours on the way - it's better to wait and have a coffee at the test center than arriving too late. Just make sure you don´t have to panic just because the car in front of you is going slower than normal.

During the exam (very personal view):
Do not panic! You are prepared so you know your stuff.
Read the question carefully. Click on the answer which your knowledge tells you is the right one - stop thinking back and forth; no "marking for review".
One question, one click, next.

If you need a break; take a break, go to the restroom, take a deep breath, throw some fresh water in your face and get back to it.

Honestly, even if you think if quitting... don't do it. Hang in there, click through the rest of the questions.

If it worked: Enjoy the feeling. Go home, open a beer, a have a cigar or do whatever makes you feel good in that moment. You deserve it.

If it did not work: Do the same... :) And then schedule the next exam.
Before start & during exam following can be opted for better result

1. You must take good rest and must be fresh on the day of exam
2. When you sit for exam , try to jolt down the key formula, ITTOs on rough papers they provide
3. In tutorial session, takeout sometime i.e 5 mins out of 15 mins for first break and fresh after writing keys things
4.Once you finish almost 90-100 Questions take second break and relax your mind
5.Do not spend more than 2 mins on any question or otherwise mark it for later

Exam Preparation:
1.Head First is known as Idiots guide but it explain the concepts in a simple terms i.e easy to understand
2.Rita is also very good to consult for any exam
3.PM Fast track is a good simulator that can help in practicing the multiple choice questions
If the time is almost over a good technique is to read fast the answers BEFORE reading the question.Then, CAREFULLY, read once the question.
In this way, two of the answers appear obviously wrong and you are ready to choose between the remainig two answers without re-reading them.
Thanks Hossam for posting your experience and Congratulations on passing the exam.
Really good post
Some good advice here for PMP aspirants :-)
Good Advice
Very good advice.
I failed in the first attempt. I felt time is very less to read the questions and answer. What is the best way to prepare for the 2nd attempt. How much time i need to spend before i take 2nd attempt.
2 replies by Dinah Young and John Farlik
Mar 14, 2018 1:14 PM
Dinah Young
Practice exams. You need to take as many as you can find. It will help you practice answering questions in the allotted time.
When taking a test I always read the question, then read all of the answers and then read the question to verify the answer I chose was correct.
If a question is taking more time than you would like, Mark it, move on and come back at the end. It is better to not be able to complete that one difficult question than running out of time and not answering Five easy questions.
Dec 03, 2019 2:31 PM
John Farlik
I would also take a look at the area or areas in which I was less than proficient. Concentrate more time in those areas during your second round of studying. Take more practice tests and re-take the test within 30 - 60 days of the first failure. Best wishes and good luck.
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