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Looking for the best project management solution (Software as a Service)
I am looking for suggestions regarding the best solution for a project management tool that will help manage projects in my organisation.

This tool should have at least the following features:
- collaboration
- project management (project charter, project plan - gantt chart - WBS, Activities sequencing, issues management, change requests management, risks management, kanban board, lessons learned, status and progress reporting (timesheets, expenses), closure reporting)
- Resources, roles, workload/utilisation
- portfolio management (consolidated view of all projects)
- custom fields for the above mentioned elements, Custom workflows, project templates
- custom reporting (consolidated views, dashboards per role)
- Friendly UI/UX

any suggestions for best value/price solutions (already used with success) will be appreciated

thank you
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Best is context and budget-specific but I would suggest you consider EclipsePPM from Upland Software as it focuses on an intuitive user interface and usability model as compared to many other tools which tend to be "everything and the kitchen sink".

I should mention that I used to work for the original developers of the product a half-decade ago but do still believe it is a worthwhile candidate...


"Best" means "Best for you", which means it's likely "best for me" is different. However, to answer the question, I had very good past experience implementing both Daptiv and Clarizen.

Try to hire a human being . That would be my best suggestion

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